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Ride like a pro with 80+ DNA analyses

KIT & Benefit
KIT & Benefit

Use the same tools as the world's best endurance athletes: understanding your unique genetic makeup to create a customised training and nutrition plan tailored to your specific needs. MyLifestyle test analyses genetic predispositions that affect athletic performance and your lifestyle.



Every endurance athlete's ultimate goal is within your grasp – dive into your genes to get more power with a customised training plan!

Endurance predisposition
VO₂max predisposition
VO₂max trainability
Acute heart rate response to exercise
Muscle volume


Explore how nutrients affect your performance and choose the best foods to fuel your success!

Vitamins B
Carbohydrates and body weight
Intolerances (gluten, lactose, histamine)
Iron (deficiency, overload)


There is no progress without rest. Understand your body's predispositions and create a regeneration routine of a champion!

Resting heart rate
Sleep quality
Stress sensitivity
Caffeine metabolism
Omega-3 metabolism

Go the extra mile – consult our sports expert

Get a complete picture of your performance and wellbeing! Our sports expert, Urška Ahac, will help you combine DNA results with insights from sports trackers, current training plan, and blood tests. You will get a training plan adjusted to your goals and genetic predispositions.

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We've joined forces with Team Bahrain Victorious to help their riders optimise performance, increase power and endurance, and leave their competition in the dust!

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If you're ready to take your sports endeavours to new heights and want to know the best way to do it, join pro athletes like Team Bahrain Victorious riders in discovering the potential buried in your DNA!

MyLifestyle DNA test

A saliva-based test analyses your unique genetic variations, which guide your lifestyle to the best outcome.

299 €

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check-icon Body and mind
check-icon Diet and nutrition
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MyLifestyle DNA test
+ consultation

Combine genetic knowledge with a personal consultation with an experienced sports expert, and get personalised training plan.

369 €

check-icon Regularly added new analyses and insights – FREE
check-icon Lifetime access to your results
check-icon 45-minute online consultation with sports expert


check-icon Body and mind
check-icon Diet and nutrition
check-icon Sport and recreation
check-icon Easy-to-use saliva collection kit
check-icon Free sample return


Make informed decisions for better performance

Get better sleep for better recovery

Avoid food that slows you down

Adjust training to reach higher watts

Learn what impacts your endurance

The science behind DNA tests

There is a scientifically proven connection between certain genetic variants and metabolism, recovery, athletic predispositions, and more.

Their effects are not always easily recognised but can impact your performance, progress, and motivation.

With personalised training and nutrition plans based on your genetic profile, you can optimise your performance and reach new milestones in your cycling journey.

Gene for speed

Gene for speed

The ACTN3 gene codes for a protein in fast-twitch muscle fibres. Individuals carrying a genetic variant for a higher proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibres may have a genetic advantage in sprinting and power-based activities – such as cycling.

Metabolism of nutrients

Metabolism of nutrients

The PPARGC1A gene helps regulate the body's use of fat and carbohydrates as fuel, and its variations can impact endurance. The CYP1A2 gene regulates caffeine metabolism, and being a slow metaboliser can negatively impact regeneration.

The genetics of VO₂max

The genetics of VO₂max

Your peak VO₂max has a lot to do with genetics. Studies have identified genes linked with a more significant VO₂max improvement. Pro athletes can use more of their aerobic potential than amateurs, and genetic predisposition for VO₂max trainability can help you mimic pro athletes.

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Genes in action – dive deeper, learn more

Come explore the power of genes, tips and tricks for fighting stress, sleeping well, and more. Because the best endurance athletes know the importance of having all the bases covered!


How long does it take to get results?
Once you activate your DNA test online and our laboratory receives the sample, it takes approximately 5 weeks to receive the results. Bank holidays and peak seasonal periods can affect delivery times. Once the DNA analysis is completed and the results are available, you’ll be notified via email.
Who has access to my personal data?
GenePlanet uses the latest software and information technology systems to ensure that your data will never be released to a non-authorised person without your expressed consent.

Authorised persons and/or service providers are contractually bound to process your data in accordance with our instructions and under safety standards of the national and European legislation.

Personal information is not disclosed to anyone outside of genetic performance nor within genetic performance except as needed by those assembling the report. The laboratory where the DNA is analysed knows only the sample code, so it is not possible to make a connection to the specific client.
Which method do you use to analyse my DNA?
GenePlanet takes advantage of the latest next generation sequencing (NGS) approach to read your entire genome. It is called low-pass whole genome sequencing (lpWGS) and is the latest solution in the field. Instead of reading the genome dozens of times (sequencing depth), advanced algorithms enable us to optimise sequencing depth significantly.

We have developed a sophisticated in-house bioinformatics pipeline, supported by statistical modelling, which produces high-quality genotypes from WGS data. By having a collection of reference panels from genomes of different individuals, we can obtain the whole genome of an individual. lpWGS has been proven to outperform typical DNA microarrays when assessing common genetic variants.
How can I implement DNA test results in my training plan?
Understanding your endurance, strength, recovery, and injury predisposition can help you adjust:
• weekly training volume to achieve your goals but still get enough recovery to avoid illness/injuries,
• number of high-effort sessions to avoid overtraining,
• intensity of your training to work on the aspects that need more focus,
• training time (morning/evening),
• nutrition around your workouts.

Not sure how to start? Choose MyLifestyle + consultations. You will have 45-min on-on-one consultation with our sports expert who is especially skilled in real-life application of genetic knowledge. They will look at your genetic insights and, together with your habits, limitations, and goals, create the optimal roadmap to great results!